Okami was just one of those games. Those who played it will likely never forget it, and they've been pining for a sequel, too.

Up until now, we really haven't heard much about the possibility of a follow-up, but according to the rumor section in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the dreams of the artistic-minded may not go unheeded. There's one particular "whisper" that has fans of the award-winning last-gen title stoked:

"Despite selling like yellow-snow ice cream, OPM favourite Okami could still get a PS3 sequel."

Okay, that isn't much to go on but at least it's something . Sadly, it's true that many of the more unique titles don't get as much attention, and Okami really didn't sell well enough to warrant a sequel. At the same time, there's no denying the cult following the game has, and those fans would be more than ready to accept a new effort.

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