Exactly why it hasn't been announced yet is beyond us. One would figure Activision wants to get the hype train rolling ASAP.

But maybe the inevitable announcement is almost upon us. According to UK publication PSM3 , Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will not only be officially announced in just a few weeks, we'll also get our first look at actual gameplay. An inside source claims "the next in Activision's megaton FPS series will be announced in mid-April." For the record, Black Ops was announced on April 30, 2010, when Activision revealed the game's official website. Other rumors say that MW3 may feature some sections that link to Ghost's past, which is why some have assumed he would be the main character this time around. Adds PSM3: "Based on the ending of MW2, we'd be surprised if the story doesn't pick up with Soap and Price on the run, after they were set up by General Shepherd." So who wants Ghost?

Yes, well, whatever it is, we're sure it'll sell another billion-dollars worth of copies. That's just the way CoD rolls.