Gotta love Katamari .

After Beautiful Katamari was exclusive to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 fans got a chance to revel in the quirky roll-'em-up fun with Katamari Forever , the most robust entry to date. And now, it seems Namco Bandai is ready to issue the next entry in the oddly addictive and critically acclaimed franchise: according to Siliconera , Namco has filed trademarks for "Katamari Amore" and "Katamari Amore Rolling Whopper" in Europe. …that title certainly fits the strangeness of the series. There's another trademark for "Time Trip," which was registered along with "Have a Nice Trip!" These could be taglines for the new Katamari production but that's just hazarding a guess at this point. All we want is another game, 'cuz we're aching for some more colorful, Princely fun.

If you haven't ever tried a Katamari adventure before, we strongly suggest you nab Katamari Forever ; it's just too much zany fun to ignore.

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11 years ago

hope we do get a new game, but new trademarks dont mean were getting a new game.
i remember getting all excited when i saw antivision had trademarked some crash names thinking there was going to be a new crash game.
well, still waiting!
NOTHING i want in the world more then a new crash game!
oh well, maybe ND could buy back the series then we can finally have our mascot back!
not likely, but i guess theres a first time for everything!

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11 years ago

Awesome and if this comes to fruition it will be a day one purchase for me. For some reason though the stores near me don't stock Katamari games and I had to drive 45 miles away to pick up Katamari Forever…which I did on day one. Love Katamari