When the competition begins to shine, it's time for the old ruler to make some changes.

At least, that's how Capcom views the current survival/horror situation. The publisher has confirmed the latest Resident Evil iteration, which will boast a completely new format: that of a squad-based shooter. Plus, with EA and Visceral's Dead Space series seemingly securing the lead in the evolving genre, Capcom feels the need to grow. In speaking to a French gaming publication (and as found by a NeoGAF member ), the Operation Raccoon City producer answered a direct question involving Visceral's award winner:

"We have to work harder because of titles like Dead Space, to be as interesting as possible. Plus, the franchise as a whole has its own unique problems that must be solved. Our fans are also our critics, for example with RE5. Also I wouldn't directly compare RE and DS. But it's always great to see the genre be popular, it's inspiring. Yeah, there's a future for the genre!"

Tactical third-person action involving a team has typically been restricted to military-style shooters, but Capcom wants to infuse the classic RE horror into that perception. It's interesting that they don't necessarily view Dead Space as a competitor; it's a different game, certainly, but one can't argue the similarities. Either way, Capcom now believes they have to be "as interesting as possible"…and that's probably not a bad thing.

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