It's destruction derby on a whole different level, and it might be a great downloadable stress-reliever.

Some of you may remember a game called Mashed ; it released back in 2004 for the PS2, Xbox and PC and was developed by Supersonic Software. It was quite the high-octane adrenaline rush, even if it didn't exactly burn up the sales charts. Now, the spiritual successor is here: it's Wrecked: Revenge , which is yet another steel-smashing romp. Set to hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this spring, it will feature a Championship campaign with 24 distinct challenges across four racing disciplines, and online multiplayer that supports up to four players. We'll be able to customize our vicious rides and take advantage of the all-new "revenge" ability, which lets victims wreak vengeful havoc with a freakin' aerial strike. The first four screens aren't anything overly special, but we do get a sense of the colorful, fast-paced action. Were you expecting a darker palette…?

This is just one of those titles that is designed specifically to put smiles on our tired faces. Let's hope it succeeds.

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11 years ago

never heard of it. i remember a game called wreckless, but not this one. oh well, i tend to use my money on full budget games, instead of these downsized games. there just always seems to be something missing from these low budget titles.

11 years ago

I loved Mashed! Melon head FTW! I know recently on the XBLA a game called TnT Racers was released. Sadly it felt inferior to Mashed in every way.
So I'm looking forward to this. 😀

11 years ago

shame to see the car combat genre take such a slide this gen!
we use to be suffocated in them, but now we never see them!
only car combat games ive seen for the ps3 are sonic and sega all stars racing, mod nation racers, full auto and thats about it!
full auto battleines was better then full auto, but was a 360 exclusive.
shame, we use to have so many car combat games to choose from, but now, the 5 years that the new consoles have been out we have seen fewer then 10!
open world games too, on the ps1 and 2 we had heaps of games trying to steal GTAs crown.
but now, well, only one thats even similar to GTA is saints row and thats nothing like GTA!
shame sony pulled the plug on the getaway 3, that game would of ROCKED!
would do ANYTHING to see it finally release!

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