The PSN is getting some love from the people who brought you the Soldner-X games.

SideQuest Studios has revealed Rainbow Moon , a strategy/RPG that utilizes an isometric view, for the PlayStation Network. Set to release in Q4 2011, you can check out some early artwork and other info – most of it "Coming Soon" – at the game's official site , which just opened. Running at a beautiful 60 frames per second throughout, this game will offer 6 playable characters, a 25-hour adventure (which goes over 100 if you include all the side-quests, missions, etc.), and a "sophisticated grid turn-based battle system." See, we're liking that part. Also featuring "unique action and puzzle elements" in over 20 dungeons and 50 quests, this one should get you a ton of bang for your buck. It seems that our favorite mechanics of the past have been relegated to the land of portable software or digital downloads, but provided turn-based still exists somewhere , I think I can survive.

I'll be very interested to see Rainbow Moon , that's for sure. Strategy/RPG aficionados everywhere should be intrigued.

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