Hey, look…it's Diablo ! No, wait…it's another Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance ! Okay, it's neither of those, but there are similarities, and "Alliance" is in the title.

It has been revealed that GameLoft's Dungeon Hunter: Alliance will be making its way to the PlayStation Network next month. GameLoft Social Media Editor Jen Kye posted up some game details over at the PlayStation Blog ; the overhauled hack 'n slash adventure features both local and online multiplayer for up to four players, and the team is intent on delivering a game that satisfies the hardcore audiences and remains accessible to newcomers. You can go at it solo if you so desire, and you'll have to conquer over 30 levels of dungeons, villages and forests packed full with evil creatures. Each area will be randomly generated, too. They also claim that one must consider various strategies depending on the situation and environment, and that sounds intriguing in and of itself. Make sure to check out the new launch trailer, which highlights the game's appealing features.

Personally, I love me some Champions of Norrath or Dark Alliance , and I'm hoping this will be close.

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11 years ago

Its close enough. I will try to give it a try. $ player games are always fun. Brings me back to the Gauntlet days. I wonder if there will be a demo.

Off Topic, The PSN down for 12 hours. I wonder what Sony is working on during that extender downtime.

Last edited by FatherSun on 3/9/2011 10:47:38 AM

11 years ago

Not sure why, but I have never been able to really get into this style of rpg. I love turn based and tactical rpgs, but can't seem to play this style for more than an hour without getting bored.

I don't even know why.