The bottom line is, we should probably just get over it.

As most gamers know, an Uncharted film is on the way; it's being directed by David O. Russell and will star Mark Wahlberg as treasure hunter Nathan Drake. When we first heard of the project, fans immediately noted that "Firefly" and "Serenity" star Nathan Fillion boasted a striking similarity to the Uncharted hero, in both looks and personality. But Russell and Co. wanted a superstar and you know, Fillion is just fine with that. During a Nerdist Podcast , Fillion says:

"You know I would love to have an Indiana Jones for me, that’s one of my greatest heroes of all time. You can’t fault a man for A. working with someone he’s worked with before, B. Mark Wahlberg, I think that’s a talented guy. I think he does great work, that guy and he a huge international star, which I am not. I am not. I will be.

So sure I would have loved it, but I can’t fault anybody for any of the choices they make. You’re gonna make a movie, make it the way you’re gonna make it and have a great time."

Yeah, okay. We'll let it go. But just for the record, that last bit in the first paragraph, where he says he's not an international star but he "will be," is exactly why we thought he'd be a great Drake. It's just the kind of thing Drake would say, isn't it?

Well, at any rate, we do have high hopes for the movie. And by the way, in case you missed it – and you might have; far too many did – "Firefly" is coming back to TV on the Science channel this month. Check it out; it was a great show.