You know, most all developers are gamers themselves. And real gamers put their entertainment first.

Just as we've often proclaimed our appreciation for the fantastic Gears of War franchise – heck, I've played both and the third will be mine on day one – Epic's Cliff Bleszinski also loves to play the best titles available…even if they're not on his platform of choice. Epic Games is well known for Gears and CliffyB hasn't done much on the PlayStation side of things, but so what? He recently Tweeted that he just picked up his copy of Killzone 3 :

"And yes, I support our products but more importantly I support GAMES. Got my #Killzone!"

And there's a link to him holding his copy. Remember, Bleszinski and Company's shooter, Bulletstorm , also hit store shelves on February 22, so this guy could very easily have ignored KZ3 and promoted his own product. But hey, we already told you Guerrilla's game was pretty great , and a whole lot of other sources have said the same thing. And by the way, here's Guerrilla's response to CliffyB's Tweet:

"@therealcliffyb Have fun playing #Killzone3!"

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