As most of you know, many retailers have been offering sale prices for the PlayStation 3, and hacking has become an issue.

The combination of these two facts, along with a supposed inside source, has led to the belief that Sony is currently prepping a new PS3 model. According to EverythingHQ , Sony is looking into a new "hack-proof" machine. An anonymous source claims Sony is "already deep into plans" and the recent Killzone 3 leaks may have helped to spur on the process. The source adds the new PS3 will be a Slim model and hold a 300GB hard drive, with a European price tag of £186.99, which may or may not be true. All those PS3 sales you see is evidence of Sony trying to get rid of the current PS3 models in preparation for the new console, although Sony hasn't said anything official about a revamped machine. Their battle with hacker George Hotz – aka, "GeoHot" – has been well documented, though, and we won't be adding any commentary to the ongoing arguments and discussion. All we'll say is that there are better ways of making a point.

We'll let you know if the new PS3 SKU gets confirmed at some point. If the rumors are true, it shouldn't be too far off.