For a while there, things were looking pretty dicey, and we weren't even sure the game would release in North America.

But the reported issues are behind both publisher and developer, and Two Worlds II will arrive in the US this week, with the Royal Edition launching on on February 4. The game has proven popular in Europe, selling over 1.5 million copies already, and North American gamers may respond in kind. You can pre-order one of those limited edition sets right now; there will only be 5,000 total units available in the NA region so if you're interested, you had best act fast. The special package includes:

We've been hearing good things about this sequel, and we're especially impressed by the fact that most sources say TWII is much, much better than the original. The first title, by the way, didn't go over too well with the critics, and it seems the developers took all that criticism to heart. In short, we're hoping for a top-quality role-playing experience from TopWare.

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