After the Activision/Infinity Ward debacle, many wondered if the studio would be capable of creating the next Modern Warfare .

But it seems Activision has restaffed the once stripped-down developer, which may or may not be operating at full capacity now, and many assume they're working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 . Oddly, nobody has confirmed the game's existence; all we know is that IW should be cranking on a new title, and Activision's Sledgehammer Games is obviously working on some CoD installment . But perhaps we don't need the official confirmation for MW3, 'cuz someone is already playing it… As found by Game Sector Network , a player known as "egonadrian" is in the alpha testing for the third Modern Warfare ; you can see the pic in question through the link. It seems pretty clear but as usual, until we have a press release in our inbox, we can't confirm anything. If it's true, it probably won't come as a huge surprise.

At this rate, it does seem likely that we'll have more than one CoD title in 2011. Well, they can try that, but they should be wary of what happened to the booming music genre; it looked unstoppable at one point but after massive over-saturation, it crumbled. So… Oh, what am I saying? Couldn't happen to CoD, right?