More than a few sources are reporting that Mark Wahlberg is indeed confirmed to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation of Naughty Dog's award-winning Uncharted series.

It was supposedly confirmed by the L.A. Times last year but then, director David O. Russell denied the report . So we were all a little confused for a while. But sources are once again announcing Wahlberg as the leading man for the upcoming film, and most industry insiders consider it a done deal. That includes Nathan Fillion, the actor many Uncharted fans had hoped would land the role. Obviously, Russell (who works with Wahlberg a lot) wanted a big-name star for Drake and perhaps Fillion didn't qualify, but the "Firefly" and "Serenity" actor isn't bitter. In fact, he supports the choice; check out his latest Twitter update :

"Just watched The Other Guys, and honestly excited to see Wahlberg in Drake's Fortune. He's got mad skills."

You have to respect that. And although we insist Fillion is the perfect fit – that guy is Nathan Drake – we'll be interested to see how Wahlberg handles the role. And it's nice to see professionals acting like professionals, at the very least. While we're at it, we'd like to add that "Firefly" never got enough of a chance; that was a great series, and one that suffered from crappy time slots. "Serenity" was great, too.