You may remember it wowing new PlayStation 2 owners nearly a decade ago and since that time, Dynasty Warriors has continued to thrive.

…well, okay, it thrives a lot better in Japan. At any rate, Tecmo Koei has confirmed North American release details for the latest entry, Dynasty Warriors 7 . It will not only support both PlayStation Move and 3D, it will boast awesome co-op action and plenty of that hack 'n slash combat fans of the series crave. It will release in the US on March 22 and three days later on the 25th in Europe. You can find more details on the expansive Story Mode at the game's Euro website ; we particularly like the part of most any character being able to wield most any weapon… Boasting over 60 total characters, there should be no shortage of options both on and off the battlefield and in truth, we're really hoping for the most fleshed-out and satisfying DW installment yet. Lastly, it should be mentioned that the international release won't be exclusive to the PS3; it'll be a multiplatform title in NA/Europe.

Yeah, this series has gotten a little stale and we've been begging for some upgrades and innovation. We opt to remain optimistic, though.

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