This is always popular…especially amongst those who have good reason to brag.

So after the warm, fuzzy chaos died away and the last unwrapped present sat by your side, you reflected on yet another great holiday haul. And after having a chance to sift through it a bit and sample the goodies, you now have a chance to make everyone envious…ah, 'tis the season. Were you a super good boy all year long? As a result, did you receive a momentous prize like a new 3D HDTV? Or perhaps you just wanted a pile of games you wouldn't be able to see over… Tell everyone about it, if you're willing…and I'm willing to bet you are.

I won't list everything but I'll get it started- got a PSP-3000, which really helps because I've been using my brother's PSP to get work done. Now I can give it back and remain up-to-date with handheld stuff. I also got a bunch of clothes, a couple Blu-Ray movies to add to my collection (just classics like the original "Batman" and "Beetlejuice"), several new books (more novels from a a few of my favorite authors, including George Eliot), and the following games: Splinter Cell: Conviction , NBA Jam and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit .

In fact, I think I'll go play some Conviction right now. I hear it's short so I can get it out of the way quick. 😉 Now, your turn, PSXE brethren.