James Bond 007: Blood Stone was a decent, entertaining spy iteration. It did have a bit of stealth, but it was hardly the focus.

That being said, might the next game fully embrace the patience-driven mechanic? Amidst the fallout surrounding MGM's bankruptcy proceedings, the 23rd Bond film had been temporarily shelved, and many fans wondered about the future of the legendary franchise. But resolution has been achieved; a federal bankruptcy court approved a deal that would allow pre-production of a new 007 film to start. In addition to the movie, fan site MI6 has reported that the next interactive installment is also back on track…and it's actually in development at Singularity developer, Raven Studios. The report claims that the game is in the "early phases" of development and will be labeled as "stealth/action." We've always thought Bond could use a slick Splinter Cell type of gameplay and presentation; it's just the kind of setting that would benefit from such an approach.

For now, nothing has been confirmed, but we certainly like the idea. Although Blood Stone was sort of fun, it couldn't stand up to the quality of the fall gems and really felt a little bland. Perhaps this new project will serve as a much-needed shot in the arm for Bond video games.