Ah, Quests. I always loved the side-quests in my RPGs. Maybe this new addition to the PlayStation Rewards program will really get me intrigued.

The Rewards beta is in full swing and testers are currently on the way to earning Select, Pro and Legendary statuses; you can spot the bigger contributors because they're allowed to show off their rank on the official PlayStation.com forums or on the PSN with nifty exclusive avatars. Now, Sony has added the Quests : these are "PlayStation-related activities that you can complete to directly add to your progress meter." Examples given include playing an eligible PlayStation Move game in the "Move It" quest, watching Pulse in HD on their PS3 system in the "Check Your Pulse" quest, and visiting the Central Plaza in PlayStation Home in the "No Place Like Home" quest. A total of 9 new Quests will be added to the beta and as time goes on, they'll think of more. If you missed the details of the Rewards system, feel free to do some homework ; it's a pretty cool incentive plan, scheduled to be available to all in April 2011.

Man, it's almost like reading a quest in a game and setting off to complete it. "Which Move game? … Sports Champions ? I have that…let me put it in… Then I'll wander around Home."