We know the Sly Collection is here; it's a set of three overhauled Sly Cooper titles for the PlayStation 3. The classic PS2 platformers got a high-gloss, high-definition sheen.

But what about a sequel? Developer Sucker Punch has hinted at the possibility of Sly Cooper 4 , despite their current work on the hotly anticipated inFamous 2 . Now, thanks to YouTube user "tatermoog," it appears the first teaser trailer for the next Sly installment has been leaked. Check for yourself to see if it might be legitimate.

We seriously doubt Sony will say anything one way or the other, but Sucker Punch boss Brian Fleming has said in the past that the mischievous raccoon will likely return at some point. On top of which, you might remember movie posters scattered around Empire City teasing "Sly Cooper 4." They weren't hard to spot when playing inFamous , so perhaps this trailer is indeed the real deal.

Stay tuned for more info.