Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days wasn't a bad game but it didn't sell exceedingly well.

Now, according to Kotaku , sources close to IO Interactive can confirm that the Danish studio has been forced to lay off about 30 employees. Unfortunately, that's the second round of layoffs IO has suffered in 2010 (the first coming in March), and the source admits that slower sales of both K&L titles may have been the cause. A Square-Enix representative – lest we forget, S-E owns IO now – also confirmed the layoffs, but wouldn't provide an exact number:

"I can confirm that we have made some internal changes at IO Interactive which has regrettably resulted in the loss of some jobs. This is a natural part of any studio's existence when you ramp-up and ramp-down on projects to ensure you have the right level of resource and expertise within the studio. We genuinely wish those who have been affected by this, the best of luck for the future."

Pretty standard parting statement, that. It also appears that an "unnamed project" at the studio has been canned, although we have no idea what it might be. This according to 3DRealms boss George Broussard; IO has apparently been working on Hitman 5 , so fans of the series are hoping it wasn't this title that got the axe. But at this point, it's tough to make any guesses, so we'll just wait for more news.