First, we learn the initial batch of DLC will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 version and now, we see the PS3 version has other DLC-related issues.

Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most anticipated games of the year for role-playing aficionados; it should be another fantastic installment after the previous gem, Fallout 3 . But you know how you often receive a DLC code for free content when you pre-order a game? Well, that was the case with New Vegas , but it seems those who pre-ordered the PS3 version have codes that don't work. Developer Obsidian has issued an update via their Twitter page :

"For those trying to get the PS3 digital content codes to work, we’re working with Sony to resolve the issue. Should have an update soon."

Unfortunately, it just seems that when it comes to this series, it's best played on either the PC or 360, while PS3 owners end up holding the short end of the stick. Still, we're hoping the game itself runs equally well on all platforms, so RPG aficionados can have a quality experience regardless of platform preference. You'll see our review at some point but bear in mind that it's quite a long game…we'll do the best we can.

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