So maybe you're a little behind. Or maybe your old PS3 died and you need another one, and you never got a chance to play one of the generation's best.

Some gamers tend to shy away from refurbished systems and in all actuality, they have valid reasons. I distinctly recall working at EB when they started with the refurbished PS2s and those things were horrid ; we actually got to the point where we would ignore policy and replace busted systems with new ones. The refurbished ones just inevitably came back the next day, or so it seemed. However, the good news is that the PS3 refurb situation is much better, and you can really benefit if you want to pick up a used PS3 from GameStop: one source has turned us onto the deal, and we've confirmed it with a few local GameStops. It's simple- buy a refurbished PS3 and get God of War III for free . The cool part is that all PS3 SKUs are indeed included in this limited-time deal, so you won't be forced to get the standard PS3 Slim. If there's another available, go for it…you'll still get the game.

That isn't too bad of a deal. We're talking about what may be the front-runner for Game of the Year, after all.

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