Today's powerful game consoles are all about progression and delivering the the best new interactive experience possible. If you want some retro stuff, you have to move into the digital realm.

Dungeon Hunter from Gameloft, a title originally made for the iPhone, is one of those dungeon-crawling, hack 'n slash adventures that might remind one of the original Diablo . And now, it'll be coming exclusively to the PlayStation Network. Gameloft could've gone the Mini route but has instead decided to "create a more enriching, more high definition experience based on the same model." They're saying this new iteration for the PSN will boast "a dramatic artistic makeover," and you can even create your own characters as you explore a world consisting of 30 levels. They've added multiplayer, too- 4-player co-op for both online and offline, which will sorta make it feel a bit more like Gauntlet .

You can expect something slicker and more refined than what you see in that trailer, but at least you can get an idea of the gameplay. These types of titles represent the simpler action/RPGs of yesteryear and now, I'm again wishing we had received another Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance

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