It's one of those franchises where fans typically say, "the first few titles were the best."

Even so, many who experienced Abe's kooky, dangerous world back on the original PlayStation have been looking for an Oddworld resurgence. The series went fully 3D on the first Xbox, and we got games like Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath . The games were significantly different from the side-scrolling, puzzle-oriented titles on the PlayStation, but Stranger's Wrath was still pretty fun in its own way. Now, we hear that developer Just Add Water, the team that has been teasing "multiple Oddworld titles," is working on a remastering of Stranger's Wrath . According to one source citing the studio's Twitter page , the remake is coming to the PSN and XBLA:

"Stranger on PSN is probably the first of a few announcements."

We'll be interested to hear what those other announcements are, but bear in mind that all of them will likely be for multiple platforms. Although the Tweet only mentions the PSN, they clarify later by saying, "who mentioned exclusive?" Well, Abe probably has fans from both the PlayStation and Xbox days, so a multiplatform project (or two) makes sense. We'll have to see what else they've got up their sleeve.