If you missed out on BioWare's excellent role-playing adventure, Dragon Age: Origins , you can play catch-up with the Ultimate Edition.

According to a new listing at GameStop.com , this Ultimate Edition will indeed become a reality on October 12. Unfortunately, we don't have any additional details, but we're prepared to guess: given all the extra DLC available for the RPG, we'd like to assume it'll all be included in the new special edition. It'll cost the standard $59.99 amount but as the game will be about a year old by that time, the extra cost for an "old" title must indeed encompass plenty of extras and goodies. Evidently, the Ultimate Edition will release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on the same day and it should act as the perfect lead-in to Dragon Age II , which is scheduled to drop in March. Basically, you should probably think of this as a Game of the Year Edition of sorts and of course, we highly recommend it. We gave it RPG of the Year in 2009 so it stands to reason that we really loved BioWare's effort.

The only question is whether or not you'd want to nab this over other newer titles set for October; that month is – as usual – downright loaded . But we don't see many RPGs, so…

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