As usual, the quality of the games is what matters most. But the final results might still prove worrisome for the company in question.

Activision and its reputation amongst gamers has been a hot topic of conversation lately, so we wanted to know if the Activision label has any impact on your purchase decisions. As it turns out, it's a good-news, bad-news situation for the world's biggest publisher: on the good side, over half of those polled said they don't care who produced the game; if it's good and they want to play it, they'll buy it. That's always great to hear from a group of fans that almost always rewards quality. On the downside, the other half of participants said that, at the very least, they will try to avoid buying an Activision game, with more than a quarter of those saying they absolutely won't buy a title made by the Call of Duty publisher. Gaming is big business these days and although some executives frequently say the wrong thing at the wrong time, the overall goal remains the same…they wanna make money. Activision has become an expert at that, but that may not help their reputation.

This week, we focus on something different. For those who only own a PS3, what game do you think they most miss? What title, exclusive to another platform, is the one that PS3 fans are most disappointed in missing out on? Is it Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy 2 ? The Gears of War franchise for the Xbox 360? Or the recently released Starcraft II for the PC? Vote now!