Sucker Punch certainly responded to fan criticism, didn't they? The question is, have they delivered what those fans desire?

Actually, although we haven't seen the re-revamped Cole just yet, a great many of you seem plenty satisfied with the move. However, as the majority complained bitterly about both the new look and voice, most readers still want the developers to simply keep the old Cole. Really, what was wrong with him? We know Sucker Punch has been taking cues form Naughty Dog and some will say there's a whole lot of Nathan Drake in the new Cole. Perhaps it doesn't matter, though, because Sucker Punch has responded to the backlash, and we're all eagerly awaiting the new unveiling. Besides, we'd much rather focus on the very likely fact that inFamous 2 is going to absolutely rule ; that gameplay trailer is still one of the best examples of next-gen bad-ass-ness we've seen, and next year can't come 'round fast enough.

This week, we'd really like to know how far the Activision hate stretches. The media hasn't exactly been kind to the publisher over the past year or so but then again, Bobby Kotick and Co. have brought a lot of it upon themselves. And as a result, many gamers really don't want anything to do with Activision Blizzard…despite the fact that Call of Duty: Black Ops will sell a gajillion copies. But have you lost enough respect for the publisher so that it actually impacts your game purchases…?

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