It almost doesn't matter what those "changes" should be; the majority of our readers believe that if Square-Enix doesn't give the franchise a boost in one way or another, the series is on its last legs.

Maybe they could re-introduce turn-based in a slick, modernized, original fashion, all the while keeping the role-playing elements that fans have always craved. Maybe they could once again progress forward from Final Fantasy XIII and give us something entirely new (which wouldn't be altogether unpleasant). I will always say that FFXIII is often unfairly persecuted against by the long-time fans and although I've been guilty of that in the past, I really do think it's a fantastically great game. It just isn't a great Final Fantasy . So the question is, what can Square-Enix do? What should they do? Company president Yoichi Wada has admitted he's not sure of the intended "direction" for the franchise, so maybe if enough fans step forward and offer a few suggestions… Hey, you never know. They might listen. Just don't forget that like 1 in every 2 PS3 owners in Japan bought FFXIII and most evidently loved it.

For this week, it's the whole Cole fiasco. Sucker Punch has revealed they're re-overhauling the hero and we wanna know what you think. Bear in mind that we're not really getting the old Cole back; we're merely getting a hero that "looks more like" the original Cole. So what do you think? Good enough? Or do they need to change the voice, too? Maybe such a poll will help out the devs.