Like Street Fighter ? Like Tekken ? Like it when they blend two franchises together ala Marvel vs. Capcom ?

If so, you're gonna love this. Capcom and Namco Bandai have announced what very well may be the the biggest crossover(s) in fighting history . We've heard some of the rumors and perhaps surprisingly, they've turned out to be true: Street Fighter X Tekken is indeed a reality, so you'll soon be able to square off with King when playing as Guile, or take Chun Li and attack Heihachi. Right now, the game is known as that aforementioned title but the "X" stands for "cross" so we're not entirely sure how to refer to it… But to confuse things even further, there's a second game with the reverse title; Tekken X Street Fighter . See, Capcom will do one and Namco Bandai will do the other, and it doesn't help that they won't be identical in terms of structure and style. Street Fighter X Tekken will be developed with a 2.5D perspective like SFIV, while Tekken X Street Fighter will be fully 3D ala the popular Tekken titles. Get it? Here, maybe a video will help.

This is the debut trailer for the announced games, and we have to say, we're intrigued. I don't even like the genre but these crossovers bring back a lot of old memories, and thoughts of "what if" from way back when. So, will you get just one, or both? It'll probably depend on your preferred battling perspective…

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