If you're one of those people who really want to sample a game before buying, you'll definitely want to sign on to the PSN or Xbox Live Marketplace in a few weeks time.

Because that's when the playable demo for Mafia II will be available to download. According to a new print advertisement for the promising game, as noticed by CVG , the demo will be ready for a test spin on August 10. We knew it would be released next month – remember, the full game releases on August 24 – but we didn't have an exact date until now. Mafia II is the type of game that should appeal to most Grand Theft Auto lovers; the dark, gritty, open-world sandbox style with a solid storyline is very reminiscent of Rockstar's gargantuan franchise. We're just getting a different atmosphere for this potential summer gem, and we're really hoping it turns out to be a worthwhile experience for fans of this gaming type. The original was decent but fell a little shy in some technical and gameplay aspects, so we're hoping the sequel addresses those issues and gives us a more refined product.

Well, they've had plenty of time and there are far more powerful consoles at their disposal, so it should turn out well. We'll have to see.

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