The long-awaited L.A. Noire should finally be on the horizon, but what about a finalized release date?

Recent estimates have placed it in the fourth quarter of 2010, and all we have to go on are placeholder dates from GameStop and Amazon; the latter holding a date of September 1, 2010, which doesn't seem quite right. However, a new date has popped up: it's over at one of Amazon's European branches; . As you can see, the game has a January 17, 2011 date for that region, which may or may not be accurate. Last we heard, L.A. Noire was still on the "coming soon" list for Rockstar; most places say "Q3 2010" for the highly anticipated former PlayStation 3 exclusive. We're still hoping it'll release towards the end of the year but there has been a recent trend of releasing all new franchises in the first quarter of a year. The holidays seem to be reserved for the established franchises that are almost guaranteed to hit the market hard, and Team Bondi's promising title is definitely a fresh IP.

We'll have to see if Rockstar decides to issue a formal release date some time soon. We've been waiting long enough, haven't we?

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