Normally, we don't post entire news stories relating to the arrival of a demo (unless it's for some super huge game).

However, this particular arrival is important because it's one of the very first examples of a PlayStation Plus perk. You signed up for extra content, discounts, and exclusive first rights to a variety of things, including demos. Well, here's a "for instance:" the playable demo for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be available for Plus members only starting Tuesday, July 20. This Plus exclusivity will run for one week; as of July 27, the demo will be live for everyone to sample. As we're a little new to the whole Plus thing, the PlayStation Blog explains how the automatic downloading works; this feature must be on in order to receive the demo if you're a Plus subscriber. You can enable this option on your PS3 quite easily but just in case, feel free to read through the instructions at the blog; it also reminds you the auto-download looks for content while the machine is off .

So anyway, next week, feel free to give this gritty, over-the-top action game a shot…if, that is, you've already ponied up for the Plus membership.

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