Obviously, this is one of those games that needs to be seen in person before one forms a solidified opinion.

Platinum's Vanquish looks promising enough, although we doubt many of you have it on your "must-buy" lists at this point in time. Then again, although we do have some E3 2010 gameplay footage below, it might be far more impressive in person…just ask the guys from Insomniac. Members of the same team that brought you the esteemed Resistance and Ratchet and Clank franchises were really, really impressed with what they saw of Vanquish at E3. Just look at some of the overwhelming praise found at their blog:

Giac Veltri, Tools Programmer:

"My favorite game at E3 was Vanquish. First, I had no idea it even existed. Second, it looked awesome. Third, the demo was a lot of fun – action-packed and full of spectacle. Plus, it's in the sci-fi shooter genre, which is something that I'm always into. I also liked taking over one of the walking mechs (although I sucked at actually using it)."

Paul Featherstone, Community Specialist:

"A brilliant technical showpiece from the creator of the original Resident Evil and the director of Resident Evil 4 – my favorite game of all time. It plays like Gears of War on crack and looks absolutely gorgeous. Platinum is knocking it out of the park after Bayonetta – hopefully we will see more frequent high-quality releases from them in the next few years."

Well then…this game might just be better than anyone expects. We've always been interested, not only because we have faith in the developers but also because it really does look like a bad-ass title. But at the same time, we really didn't expect some of the top industry talent to make comments like this. Anybody else more pumped now?

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