Bulletstorm looks like oodles and oodles of gory, ceaseless fun and the visuals certainly appear slick if not downright amazing.

But perhaps it doesn't really matter. People Can Fly founder Adrian Chmielarz said cutting-edge visuals aren't really high on his priority list; in speaking to CVG , he said the team really doesn't "care that much" about the game's graphics. He cites Gears of War by saying the "density of the detail…kills Modern Warfare easily." But at the same time, Infinity Ward's shooter ran at 60 frames per second. So what do gamers really care about? What is most important to them? Said Chmielarz:

"I think right now so long as the game has a minimum level of quality, which is for us and everyone who wants to matter in this business is really high, do players really care? Seriously, if it really looks good, do we need to join race? If people say our game looks better than another game, we will be happy, but that's not our goal. We just want to invite you on an adventure."

We've got no problem whatsoever with that philosophy. We do, however, have to say that any visual depiction has an impact on the experience. Graphics aren't everything; they're not even the most important aspect of a game (gameplay, duh) but superb visuals that add to the immersion and authenticity of an interactive experience should be appreciated. Either way, we think we'll have plenty of fun with Bulletstorm .

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