It always takes an extra long time for gaming to receive any of the mainstream recognition other entertainment venues receive. But as time goes on and the industry continues to eclipse other entertainment industries, such recognition is required .

We get the NPD results on a monthly basis but according to ESA President Michael Gallagher, what we really need is a tracking system . You know, something like the Billboard Top 10, which is quite literally in everyone's face a dozen times a day. Although many statistics indicate that Hollywood continues to flounder at the box office, Gallagher says those Top 10 movies are always good for film, simply because of the list's visibility.

"I do think that the movie industry has a significant advantage over other forms of media because on Monday morning… whether you are driving, or looking at the newspaper, what's there: The top ten movies. What's next to that? Numbers. I don't know if they are completely accurate, but we're trained to believe they are. And that helps the movie industry."

Gallagher goes on to say that gaming is still seeking its "center of gravity" and the need for stat tracking isn't just for the gamers; it's also critical for investors, reporters, developers, and other industry professionals. Right now, he says the industry is "accomplishing great things across a far greater reach than is traditionally reported." The biggest problem with the NPD is that it doesn't offer results to the public, which is a big issue. The NPD's David Riley says they probably won't deliver what Gallagher desires, saying the numbers are "information we will keep close to the vest." So, Gallagher says quite simply:

"Someone had better do it or you're going to have a trade association doing it. It has got to be done."

Absolutely right.