If you missed Bioshock 2 , you really missed out .

But you can always catch up on gems that didn't make it into your gaming rotation and besides, you have even more incentive with the upcoming DLC. Publisher 2K has announced the new single-player add-on content for the excellent sequel; the Protector Trials will cost you only $4.99 on the PSN or 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You will step into the boots of that Big Daddy and defend Little Sisters from wave after wave of nasty Splicers; you might remember it from a few set pieces during the campaign. The action will take place over a span of six maps taken directly from the game's single-player narrative, and be ready to go on August 3. In addition, purchasers have the option of three difficulty levels and can nab concept art, videos and seven new Trophies/Achievements. Up until now, we've only had multiplayer expansions to the title so this is great news, primarily 'cuz Bioshock 2 is part-RPG to begin with.

That's what we like to see; games that might look and play a bit like a standard FPS, only with a lot more beneath the surface.

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