Player 1: "Man, I gotta catch up. I'm so far behind."

Player 2: "I know. What's up with so many awesome games coming out in the first half of the year? Since when did this start happening?"

Player 1: "I mean, it helps that some of the games are short but with stuff like Final Fantasy XIII and Red Dead Redemption , it was basically impossible to play everything I wanted to play."

Player 2: "I got stuck on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online. I only took a break for God of War III ."

Player 1: "Yeah, well, I'm on my fourth playthrough of Heavy Rain , but now that the DLC isn't coming and there isn't much this summer, I have time to hit the backlog."

Player 2: "With just so much stuff…it's gonna cost a crapload to…"

Player 1: "Well, maybe not so bad… GamerDeals says we can get 25% off on any used game over $19.99 at GameStop ."

Player 2: "That's something, anyway. Okay, time to stock up."

Player 1: "Just make sure to take advantage before the end of July…"

Player 2: "Plenty of time."