If you had planned to go zombie hunting towards the end of the summer, you will now have to delay your grisly trip until early fall.

Initially expected to release on August 31 in North America, it has now been announced that Dead Rising 2 won't make it until the end of September. Capcom now says the highly anticipated horror sequel will hit North America on September 28, Japan on September 30, and Europe on October 1. Although PlayStation 3 owners will get this title for the first time, the Xbox 360 version will still have some exclusive downloadable content in the form of Case Zero . This extra piece of gameplay acts as a bridge between the original game and the sequel and furthermore, 360 owners will be able to download the upcoming live-action film based on the series, "Dead Rising: Zombrex." Well, it would make sense to assume that any existing Dead Rising fans are Xbox 360 owners, although PS3 fans might feel a little slighted come the end of September. Even so, the ability to use just about any random thing as a nasty weapon should sound appealing to a lot of people, right?

This delay might not have anything to do with avoiding competition, unless Capcom was worried about Mafia II at the end of August. This is likely just what it sounds like: a delay for QA purposes.

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