THQ has announced a licensing deal, beginning today, that gives the publisher the rights to develop and release games based on Zuffa LLC's Ultimate Fighting Championship. The agreement runs through 2011 and all platforms are options for THQ's franchise acquisition. The deal covers just about everything, as they'll also have the ability to implement online, multiplayer, and downloadable content.

"Ultimate Fighting Championship and THQ represent the perfect marriage of rich content and proven development capabilities," said Kelly Flock, executive vice president of worldwide publishing at THQ. "The UFC brand has seen tremendous growth in recent years with wild popularity among the core gaming demographic. This relationship serves as an extraordinary addition to THQ's world-class license portfolio as we continue to expand our competitive sports offering."

This is one deal where both sides couldn't possibly be happier, especially considering just how lucrative the deal could – potentially – be. UFC president Dana White had this to say-

"Interactive is a critical opportunity for us to expand the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand. Our goal for the UFC games is to give our growing, global fan base the opportunity to experience the most exciting live sporting event in the world — the UFC. THQ's unparalleled development and pedigree in the fighting/action-sports genre, in addition to their leading position as a global publisher, makes them our best partner to deliver on this objective."

Of course, there aren't many details concerning any of the planned UFC titles, but the games will include many of the UFC fighters fans can easily recognize. As for scheduled platforms, development time, and eventual release dates, that's all far off on the horizon. However, the announcement itself is big enough news; the UFC and video games is a match made in heaven, provided the development effort is substantial. Here's hoping!

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