With Sony not being able to complete their worldwide launch this past November, and forcing Europe to wait until March, doubts continued to surround Sony's plans launching the PS3 in Europe. A flurry of rumors regarding further delays for the European PS3 launch have kept European gamers on edge. But it looks like Europeans can rejoice as Sony is almost ready to talk about their final, and arguably most important, regional launch. Despite rumors of delays (some have said September 2007), Sony is maintaining a firm March 2007 agenda and that they will announce all of the necessary details shortly (price and release date, specifically).

Speculation continues to be abounding, but not just for the release date, but the price. With the chance of a 20GB model not being present, the PS3 may see only one base price and that predicted price is £425 (though, clearly, it will vary throughout different countries). In any case, stay posted here, we'll make sure to bring you all the details as soon as Sony makes them available.

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