It's always embarrassing to report an achievement that didn't actually happen, but then again, it's not all bad news…merely a miscommunication of sorts.

PSXE wasn't the only site to post a story on – apparently – the PS3's Sixaxis controller winning an Emmy at this year's CES event. However, we found out yesterday that Sony made a mistake in the announcement, where they crowed about their prestigious award, given by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). See, they did win, but not for the Sixaxis.

The NATAS has cleared things up-

"Sony won for their Dual Shock analog controller," a representative stated. "The award is from the Video Game Technology Group. It was nominated by our internal group and considered along with the Nintendo D-Pad both of which were considered Emmy worthy for the development of the generation of controllers that followed the classic joysticks. I would like to confirm that Sony did not win for their PS3 controller, they won for their Dual Shock Analog controller."

Aw…well, at least they were recognized, if only for an older controller. After all, there isn't too much difference between the DS and Sixaxis, anyway, and to be honest, the DS is better in some ways. But at least we know the truth of the matter now, and even though it has nothing to do with the Sixaxis, Sony still gets their award.

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