It didn't take long for the Consumer Electronics Association to paint a rosy picture of both the electronics and games industry for 2007.

With the report of year-end electronics revenue topping $145 billion in 2006, the CEA predicts to see 2007 top $155 billion, which certainly seems like an attainable goal. As for the gaming market, they're expecting a 23% revenue increase this year, which means the industry will pull in over $16 billion. They're basing this prediction on those sold sales of next-gen consoles and software during the 2006 holiday season.

Well, it looks like 2007 could be another record-breaking year for video games, and of course, that's good news for consumers and gamers alike. It's growing faster than just about any other entertainment venue on earth, and if this keeps up, perhaps it will cease to be invisible when associated with the likes of movies, music, TV, and books. …in all honesty, it should be far more visible now , but stereotypes die hard.

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