Both the Wii and HD are two very popular things right now; the Wii being Nintendo's next-gen console that everyone seems to like, and HD being high-definition TV that lets us see our games like never before. In a recent interview with GamePro, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima talked briefly about both, providing a simple answer for one and a slightly more controversial answer for the other.

In regards to whether or not he plans to develop for the Wii, Kojima seems to like the idea, but can't make any definitive statements until Guns of the Patriots is out the door.

"Wii! [laughs] Yes, I want to do it. I'm saying this everyday," he said. "But first, I have to face this giant that is called Metal Gear Solid 4, so until I'm finished with that, I can't do anything."

And that makes sense. Focus on one project to make it as good as can be, and only then turn your sights to another target. But on the issue of HD, while it's certainly on many gamers' wish lists, Kojima apparently doesn't care about the option.

"We're not the ones who are saying we want HD. I'm not interested, myself, about HD at all. MGS games tend not to care about how clean the screen looks…we deliberately make the graphics look dirtier to give the atmosphere more life."

…hmm. It's an interesting viewpoint, certainly, and we always appreciate the gritty atmosphere on display in the MGS titles. However, wouldn't the grit in high-def just be…more gritty? I.e., better? Well, we definitely trust Kojima, so we won't lose sleep over this curious statement.

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