We're used to defective discs not working in our systems, be they games or movies. We're used to defective systems not playing perfectly fine discs. But how often do we hear about one particular disc that will only play on particular player?

Well, it just happened. Apparently, the IMDB is reporting that the Blu-Ray version of "The Descent" will only play on the PS3. In other words, if you have another Blu-Ray player, all you'll get is a blank screen if you want to check out one of 2006's best dark thrillers.

The problem evidently centers on the fact that Lions Gate Entertainment used BD-Java technology for some of the extras, which unfortunately isn't compatible with any of the Sony BDP-S1 or Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray players currently sitting on store shelves. Sony is already aware of this issue, however, and they're working on providing a consumer update some time soon.

See? Not only is the PS3 the cheapest Blu-Ray player out there, but when we say it plays just about everything, we really mean it.

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