The analysts can have their say, but what about other predictions? What about… the stars?

Dutch astrologer Elizabeth Hathway has apparently examined the night sky and come to her own conclusion regarding the next-gen wars. While the Big 3 produce million-dollar campaigns in an effort to surge to the front, all their efforts are in vain if the stars don't correctly align. So the real question is- how do the heavens look for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo? After all, considering there's no way to change the stars, this is definitive proof of the eventual winner.

Apparently, the stars say that Sony will have the edge in the end, coming in strong with Gemini; i.e., innovation. Could that be an allusion to Blu-Ray…? Microsoft won't win, but it seems they'll do just fine (it's all about "Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius," apparently), especially in 2007. However, Hathway warns of a "change" in the company in 2008; an unavoidable change that might impact the final standings in the race.

Nintendo is having a hard time getting past Scorpio, which is a fixed sign, so they might be in for tough times. On the other hand, the stars also say that Nintendo is "intelligent, good at positioning itself on the market, and makes attractive products." But is that enough to translate to next-gen victory? As of now, it doesn't look like it.

…okay, we have officially heard it all.

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