Word from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is that they're working on a PS3 that increases the focus of being a media-centric device. This media-centric PS3 is said to withstand vibrations to prevent the Blu-Ray drive from skipping, 512MB XDR memory, a more advanced power supply, and two *seperate* HDMI ports that'll divide the video and audio signals. The entire point of this unit is not to be a game-system, but an enhanced multi-media device that is catered to the utmost audio/videophiliac crowd that makes up probably 0.01% (if even) of all videogamers.

If this move sounds at all familiar to you, that's because Sony attempted to do the same with the PS2-based "PSX" multimedia unit that they released years back. The PSX never took off, as it was plagued with hardware problems, poor sales (due to a large price tag), among other quirks.

Likewise, this media-centric PS3 is not something you'll see when you walk into EB Games/GameStop. In fact, the probability of the unit appearing here in the States is quite low. If the unit goes into production, it'll be sold in small quantities and likely for a limited time. The price tag is expected to range between $1500-200, and development is expected be done by Sony Electronics Inc., and not Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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