Famitsu has given out their "big cheese" industry awards for 2006, and the latest issue has the goods. When it comes out, the magazine will present the results of their annual industry awards, and Satoru Iwata was cited as "the figure who made the greatest impact on videogames in 2006." This shouldn't shock anybody, considering the charismatic president was essentially responsible for Nintendo's rise from the GameCube depths. The Wii is already shaping up to be a massive success, and let's face it, few believed the company would recover so well…were we thinking Sega, in the back of our minds?

Iwata received 201 votes to beat out the second-place finisher, Sony's Ken Kutaragi, with 181 votes. Kutaragi may seem like a controversial choice, but we're talking "impact," here, and there's no doubt Big Ken had one heck of an impact.

Here are the top 5 from Famitsu-

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