Though we can't replicate it here, the most recent issue of Japanese mag Famitsu has published a feature chock full of images from Gundam Musou, a match-made-in-heaven pairing of the seminal anime franchise and Dynasty Warriors' gameplay. As little as it has deviated over the years, the latter should nonetheless provide a tried-and-true foundation for Gundam considering games based upon it in the past (including the PS3 launch offering) haven ranked rather low in that department.

According to the article, you can expect large-scale battles both in space and on land with Gundams, Zakus, and other giant, iconic mechs littering the field. The Musou series' heavy layer of fog has also been lifted allowing for a sizable draw distance. Though the article prominently features characters from the original One Year War timeline, it is unknown whether or not this will comprise the entirety of the game.

Surprisingly enough, Gundam Musou is supposedly 70% complete and ready for release on the PS3 in the Spring (Japan).

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