UPDATE : We've gotten our download, and we'll provide our impressions later on tonight!

We reported a few short days ago that Sony would be releasing
their Gran
Turismo HD
demo via PSN store on Christmas Eve. Well, for
whatever reason, Sony decided to drop their present to us early.
As of around 8AM on Saturday morning, those who visited the
PlayStation Network store noticed one notably new addition to the
game demo list…Gran Turismo HD. But when the gamers noticed,
Sony's servers took a huge hit as PS3 owners began to experience
online login errors and futile attempts at entering the store, as
I did. It took me a good 6 hours to get inside the store and get
my hands on the demo. So if you're experiencing difficulties,
just keep trying. If you managed to login, but can't enter the
PSN Store, don't turn off your PS3. Give it a little time and try
some more. Good luck!

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