Infusing puzzle and platform elements into a racer is a fairly radical idea, but it's one that GripShift embraced. Originally released for the PSP amidst a flurry of other big-name racers ( Burnout Legends , Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition , and Need for Speed Most Wanted ), it didn't get a whole lot of attention, but its appeal was undeniable. And now, Sony Online Entertainment is ready to offer the game on their latest platform, the PS3.

They announced yesterday that a "remixed version" of GripShift would soon be available on the PS3, either later on this month or early January. Obviously, we'll see a substantial increase in graphics – up to 60 frames per second and 720p resolution – but they're also including online multiplayer for up to four players and a bunch of new content. They've even tweaked the gameplay itself, as the handling and responsiveness of the vehicles in the PS3 version should be enhanced, and this time around, you'll have over 125 new or "remixed" levels.

The game crept up in our blind spot, but we'll keep an eye on GripShift as it inches closer to release.

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