Toys R' Us has just sent out an announcement regarding a major shipment of goodies making way to every one of their 587 United States stores this week. Just what is there to expect? Well, the press release also features a list of items/toys and the amount that Toys R' Us will have nationwide for each. For starters, there will be 65,000 Tickle Me Extreme Elmos scattered throughout 587 locations — which equates to about 111 Elmos per store.

What? Elmo shipments weren't what you wanted? Ok, ok…PS3 and Wii it is. The official number of PS3 allocations for Toys R' Us is over 6000 units. The number may seem a little paltry, but it still adds up to just around 10-11 PS3s shipped per store. The Wii numbers on the other hand weren't given out. Toys R' Us simply noted that "thousands of units" will be shipped, in addition to a complete restock of games, peripherals, and so forth. Moreover, there will be 30,000 Xbox 360s shipped, amounting to 51 units per store. And 40,000 GameBoy Advance units, stocking up to 68 units per store.

"As THE toy authority, Toys "R" Us worked aggressively throughout the year to ensure that the season's best sellers and 'hard-to-find' toys continue arriving in stores nationwide during the critical week leading up to Christmas," said Ron Boire, President, Toys "R" Us, U.S. "And with seven days remaining in the holiday shopping season, customers will find that Toys 'R' Us has the best selection and stock of all of the toys on kids' wish lists this year."

I don't know, guys…I'd say Best Buy may have you wonderful folks beat in terms of PS3 shipments. Just sayin'. But one thing's for sure, if you want that TMX Elmo, Toys R' Us is the place to get one.

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